The TEAM

    WHO ARE WE ?

    We invest our clients’ budgets and constantly monitor and measure Ir.We secure the most value from your media plan by negotiating on rates, share of voice and the best placement. We do this by tapping into our extensive network of quality media partners and negotiating ruthlessly to create the best possible result across all forms of media. We negotiate more for less making your dollars work even harder.Our results are measured through increasing exposure and maximising your campaign investment.

    Overwhelmed by too many advertising options?
    We find many business owners are overwhelmed by the number of advertising options.
    TV, Radio,Iran digital,Websites, Newspapers, Magazines,OUTDOOR&INDOORS ,Events, Direct Mail, SMS, mobile apps, email … it’s an almost endless list. And many businesses are so overawed they don’t do anything.

    That’s why they come to WALLSTREETHILLS  IRAN.We have the latest understanding of the media landscape and more importantly, which media is best suited to finding your clients and customers in the right place, at the right time, using the right channel. Many times, a combination of several (but not all) media produces the most cost effective media buy. That’s why we encourage you to talk with us and discover your options to make a truly informed decision.

    We offer a full suite of media services to ensure all client requirements are met.